About the Blog

I am the God of Knowledge. I have an author who has taken it upon himself to write about some of my more recent exploits. In the process, I have decided to write this blog and relive some of my doings from the more distant past. I will tell what really happen, or explain why I did what I did. I will also talk about my family.

Note from the author: This is a work of fiction and in no way represents my beliefs. The character of Luke Bringer (Luke playing of the Latin lux for light, making him Light Bringer, or in Latin, Lucifer) seemed like an interesting challenge. As I was developing him, I became more interested and came up with the idea for the blog as a way to explore him further. I do eventually plan on writing a full blown story with him, making me the author he is referring to.

Also, the blog and any comments will be written through Luke’s point of view. I will assume any comment left will be role playing and expecting an response from Luke and not me, which . E.g., if someone asks if I really believe I am Lucifer, I would respond with a yes and not a reminder that this is a work of fiction. This about page will be the only time I will break the fourth wall, as it were.

Finally, I would like to mention the avatar is from the company that is sponsoring this and the eventual book or books, Mortal Gods Media Group, which happens to be my company. The website is simply mortalgodsmediagroup.com/.


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