What Happens When You Un-die

Sorry for skipping a few weeks. I was waiting for Scott, my writer friend, to write a little something about today’s post in the style of the book he is going to write. But being a producer of a TV is apparently too much work. Whatever.

JC resurrected several people, though one was really well known. They all had a similar problem that he didn’t know at the time and now regrets. They can’t die. You only die once.

Lazarus, although he wasn’t the first person JC brought back from the dead, took the hardest. Probably because he was the oldest, and, living a long life, he was ready to die. He had said his goodbyes and was set to pass on. OK, so he was only 30 and died of an illness that took him pretty quickly. When JC brought him back he was grateful. He was also famous. He wrote a famous but to keep all eyes on his friend JC, he used a pseudonym. I’ll give you a hint: it is the fourth in a series.

Anyway, his fame almost got him killed. He was evidence that JC was who he claimed to be. And of course, no one likes someone who comes back from the dead. Not that many friendly zombie movies out there. Lazarus had to run away to save his life. He didn’t know that it was impossible for anyone to kill him.

About ten years later he realized that he wasn’t getting younger. As anybody in their late thirties or early forties would feel, he was ecstatic. A few decades later, he realized he wasn’t going to die. After his first child died, he started to wonder if that was a good thing after all. He prayed to his old friend to see if there was a chance he could still die and be reunited with his family. Being the God of Knowledge and friend to JC, I went in his place. Lazarus was truly immortal. He’ll die when the person who granted him life dies. Unfortunately, that would be JC, an immortal.

For almost a millennium, Lazarus was able to cope. But so many loved ones can die before you choose solidarity, and so many years in solidarity will turn a man bitter and crazy. That is the state of the Lazarus today. He has claimed, multiple times, that he will get revenge on his old friend, JC, and the messenger, me.

See you next week, maybe.


~ by lukebringer on December 3, 2012.

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