Still in Recovery

I apologize for not having a real post this week. What kept me from giving a long post last week kept me from planning one this week. Without going into details, one way to get past the fact that I know you’re planning an apocalypse is to bombard me with things I need to take care of. This has been happening for two and a half weeks. It should be over now, and it was worth doing as, as I’m sure you can tell, you are all still alive.

For next week, since I’m still recovering, I could use some suggestions. Ask me anything, whether it’s about knowledge, intelligence, or any of the other gods. I normally don’t like talking about the other pantheons, but I’m too tired to care right now. If you want to know, ask away.

I would like to apologize as well to a commenter who posted a caring comment wishing me to get well. In my weakened state I stopped paying attention to what I was doing and clicked a wrong button, deleting it instead of approving it. Making mistakes is rare for me, but it does happen. I figured I would post what had happened to remind everyone that we gods are not perfect.

See you next week.


~ by lukebringer on October 1, 2012.

One Response to “Still in Recovery”

  1. I wish you well too, poor son, because frankly, your post isn’t making any sense this week. Shall I bring some chicken soup? Made from fresh hell hound stock and sulphurous tadpoles with a touch of Orion pepper. Your favourite.
    Signed, your mom.

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