Dividing the People

Humans weren’t always as separated as they are today. The biggest reason for that is language. You can’t understand each other. This not only gives you another excuse to divide yourselves, but it prevents easy access to knowledge. That being said, humans have an amazing ability, thanks to one truly, to strive under competition. Look at all the scientific advances that came from a from a nearly fifty year competition between Russia and the United States. But a kid in their basement in America couldn’t learn from a Russian scientist not just because he would have been considered a spy, but because he couldn’t understand the language.

That separation in order to deter knowledge was my father’s idea. You see, thousands of years ago, people wanted to see Dad and Heaven. So they built this tower. After Father realized they would succeed with the Tower of Babel, he created a bunch of new languages, and retrofitted everyone’s brain with one of them. This divided them immediately, and they haven’t been together since.

Thankfully, the language barrier is shrinking. Thanks to more and more advanced translation software on the market, people can post something online in one language, and someone else can read it in another language. How’s that for a big screw you to my father? Too bad he doesn’t care anymore.

See you next week.


~ by lukebringer on July 30, 2012.

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