Where We Stand: Homosexuals and their Marriages

I decided to do a little series about some hot religious topics. This could easily entail topics that aren’t inherently religious, but religious leaders have decided to poke their noses in it anyway. And the title is “Where WE Stand.” This is to give a general collective viewpoint of us gods in my reality. A few of us may disagree with the full viewpoint, and if I’m one of those, I will say so. Most of us will disagree with certain details. I won’t tell you the details that I disagree with in these posts, though I might in a separate post.

With the President Obama now endorsing gay marriage and the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, homosexuality is definitely a major topic today, especially in the US. The bible says things about it being wrong. Just as an aside, newer translations of the bible tend to have more anti-gay verses in them. Just saying.

Anyway here’s the skinny. Every place that it is mentioned that homosexuality is a sin, it is the opinion of the writer. They may not have said it like that, but that’s what it was. The only sex some of us care about is adultery. Cheating is a bad thing. Swinging is not cheating, by the way. Most of us find the act of cheating, and yes, it is possible to cheat without having sex, and have sex with someone other than your partner and not cheat, as a true act of betrayal. But we believe it comes from the heart, not the act itself. We also don’t like using sex as a form of abuse, whether to yourself or others. But that’s starting to get off topic. Who you have sex with is none of our business, and we respect that. Some of us don’t even care what you have sex with. We just don’t care. This includes my father. Moses was simply a homophobe. No one told him to make it a sin. He was just disgusted by it. The few other times it is mentioned as a sin were written by homophobes. JC never said one word about it and no one recorded him doing so, as pointed out brilliantly by Stephen Colbert.

So there really is no divine backup for banning gay marriage or gay anything. And even if there were, the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the US Constitution prevent anyone one from being able to do that. There’s no scientific backing of “gays are dangerous” so the only reason to ban gay marriage is backed by an old book written by flawed men; it is a religious one. The First Amendment prevents the government from making laws based on religious beliefs alone. But being a democratic republic, people can vote on things, much like what was done in North Carolina, where they defined marriage as only between a man and a women. And to be extra mean, they took away benefits of people who aren’t legally married, including long-lasting non-married straight couples. Taking this right away from people simply because of who they are goes directly against the Fourteenth Amendment by denying citizens “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law” (Fourteenth Amendment, Section 1), which is specifically protected under the very first clause. The Fourteenth Amendment also makes it so that State Constitutions can’t trump the Federal Constitution. So North Carolina, you are very much in the wrong.

So far, I don’t have anything planned for next week, so if anyone wants to suggest issues they would like the gods opinion on, just leave in the comments.

See you next week.


~ by lukebringer on May 14, 2012.

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