Freedom of Religion

This was an article from April 27.

I’ve said it before, but I don’t like religion. I do, however, like personal freedom. A lot of times, religions try to take that freedom away or they oppress it while giving the illusion that they are not. The thing about making dominant your religion in society is not the only the obvious repression of others’ religions, but of free thought in itself. There can’t be any new thoughts without the fear of being punished for them. Also in a free society, the more you work to make your religion the top dog, the more adamant your opponents will try to take your religion down. This, of course, leads to the oppression of your own religion. Which will mean you will fight back, continuing the cycle. If, however, everyone was given the freedom to choose for themselves, without a say from the government, than no one would feel obligated to try fighting back because there would be no one to fight. Two things to realize about me: I do not have a particular problem with the stories and creeds from religions, and I consider atheism a religion.

A lot of atheists will say that getting rid of religion, saying that it in itself is the problem. But as a friend of mine says, there are three parts to religion: mythology, creed, and faith. The most important of the three is faith. For major religions, there is a fourth part: organization. That’s the worst part. That’s what leads to the troubles that religion can bring. Get rid of the organization, not the whole religion, and you solve some of the world problems. Any individual that uses his or her religion in a negative way will just have another excuse to do what he or she wants to do, nothing more. The argument against religion the atheists from above use is just an attempt to bring dominance to their religion.

Everyone should have the right to choose their religion, but no one has the right to put their religion before anyone else’s.

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~ by lukebringer on May 7, 2012.

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