The Impossible Symbiosis

In my reality, Father willed Earth into existence. In other realities, the Earth was formed after Tiamat was cut in half, after a group of gods led by Odin killed their father and made the world from his body, was formed when a god, Pangu, hatched from a chaos egg, and was masturbated into existence by Atum-Re. These are general descriptions of some of the creation realities and there are many more. A lot of these can’t really have happened along with others. And yet they did happen at the same time. How? Well, the world developed on its own, then we gods came and our stories followed. The names you know us by, by the way, came from the stories. Anyway, in our different realities, the world was formed in our own little ways. There are plenty of other stories that do that. It’s kinda like we have are own different alternate universes, each one affects the current world differently. It’s really hard to describe without using concepts that human aren’t capable of understanding. But that’s just the jist. As promised.

Next week will be about something more recent.

See you next week.


~ by lukebringer on April 30, 2012.

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