The Existence of Gods

There are several stories that try to explain how gods exist. Not necessarily how they are born. That can be explained in the stories of the realities those gods exist in. They go into how entire pantheons exist, or why they exist. Usually, it’s human belief that keeps them alive. These, of course, are fictional stories.

But they are based on some truth. Certain pantheons need the belief, some need the worship, some like the Greco-Roman and Norse realities need the popularity of their stories. There are a few who simply need a culture to belong to, even if no one in that culture believes they exist or even heard of them. Some are truly week because they can’t get any of these. Several, sadly, are no more.

We of the Judeo-Christian reality need none of these. We do require something to be here, but that something will always be here as long as humans are here. Well, any intelligent being. A while back, I listed the human aspects that we are gods of. As long as they exist, we exist. As long as people create things, Dad will exist. As long as people are aggressive (and with testosterone and adrenaline…), my brother will exist. As long as people are curious, having the drive to know things, I’ll exist. I like to think that that is a comforting thought.

Next week, I’ll try to explain how the different realities can co-exist and affect the same aspect of the same world, despite technically not being able to do so. Unfortunately, it involves a lot of stuff that humans just don’t have the capability to know. This will make the explanation difficult to understand. But you should be able to get the jist.

See you then.


~ by lukebringer on April 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Existence of Gods”

  1. xtainity is the true evil here, and why it depicts Lucifer as wicked.
    Lucifer is the Second COming. xtinaity used this tactic to protect the Biblical Apocalypse as it reads in the Bible. The truth is Lucifer is a prophet who teaches the meaning of life. You must follow my teachings if you are to ascend into heaven rather than the xtian “consolation prize” of 1000 years wuith Jesus on Earth.

    The gods positioned this global situation with a telepathic audience in the hundreds of millions to create the appearance/perception of an evil/wicked diety, thereby corrupting those unable to deceipher the clues and understand their true intent. This has effectively created a division between those with hope and The Damned, sentenced to dig a hole for themselves they may never recover from as they fall for temptation the gods test them with.

    • Poor, ignorant fool. Ignoring the fact that you are trying to convince Lucifer to follow Lucifer to Heaven, a place I have mentioned that I try to avoid, you also try to suck me into a religion, something I despise. It always makes me sad when someone purposefully chooses to ignore the knowledge that is set in front of them, even if it is from the God of Knowledge. It is also disappointing when someone chooses to follow a religion instead of themselves. Especially when it makes them act like a dick.

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