Ten Rules to Live By…or Not

Sorry about missing last week. Rather not go into that.

I think I’ve done enough about JC to really do an Easter. I will say that you gotta wonder about anybody who looks at the day someone was murdered as “Good Friday.” Especially when they like the guy.

Moses was given ten commandants. He nearly immediately destroyed them. Some say he was given a new set. He was not. Which begs to question, did he repeat the real ones? No. I’m not going to give the real ones; I don’t really want anybody following either set. Suffice to say, they do share some of the same rules.

If you want a little explanation of what happened here it is. Moses got the original ten, came down the mountain, saw the people worshiping idols, and smashed the tablets in anger. Before telling anybody what they are. He then, being a storyteller, made up the new set to prevent what he had just witnessed from happening again. Dad just admitted to him that he wasn’t exactly a nice god. Do you really think he would say, “Oh, you smashed the tablets I just gave you? Well, here’s another set. Don’t break these now. Ha ha.” No. I know my dad. A) he’s my dad; and b) I’m the God of Knowledge, I know things. Even if he did give Moses another set, there would have been an eleventh commandant, “Thou shalt not break the set of laws I just freakin’ gave you.” He would’ve demanded that it would be in the scripture to warn everybody to be careful with his stuff.

If you remember, I have a writer friend who will be publishing the blog in book form and writing books about my life. If you want to read some of his work, he recently decided to post stuff on tumblr. The Jane Austen/Steven Tyler script is particularly funny. Check it out.


~ by lukebringer on April 9, 2012.

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