Torturous Death, or Religious Symbol?

Some Christians were using the cross as a symbol, though not necessarily the symbol, Christianity in the few centuries after its formation. Most avoided using it for one very understandable reason. IT WAS A FUCKING TORTURE AND EXECUTION DEVICE! Thousands upon thousands died horrible deaths on a cross. Sometimes it would take days. The torture didn’t start on the cross, either. They would be tortured a while before that. This was such a horrible way to go that people who lived during the Colosseum days, when real violence was a little more acceptable, thought it should have been abolished.

Though he doesn’t like the worship given to him, the main reason JC doesn’t like Christianity is that they use the symbol of the very device that killed him as their holiest symbol. There are plenty of symbols to use. It used to be a fish, they could’ve used a lamb or some kind of carpentry symbol. Just not something that would scare the hell out of anyone who had actually witnessed a crucifixion (a real one, not the cheap knock-off from Mel Gibson). You know who uses a torture and/or execution device as their symbol? Sadists. Or those who want to strike fear in their enemies. No one who really wants peace. The complacency of man is the real reason anyone is still using this horrifying symbol. They’re used to it. They don’t see a need to change. Unfortunately, no one outside the religion really cares enough to do something about it. That is sad.

See you next week.


~ by lukebringer on March 26, 2012.

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