Catching Fish and Walking on Water, Good Jokes

Sorry for the lateness. Exciting things happened. Too much for this blog, but it would be very interesting.

Anyway, two days ago was my step-brother and best friend’s real birthday. I promised that I would go over some of his miracles. I’ve got two more for you. JC told a few fishermen to cast their nets on the other side of their boat, and they caught a bunch of fish. He also walked on water. Only one was a miracle and some parts were left out of the story.

With the fishermen, he was intending to mock them. They were fishing all day and weren’t catching anything, so JC, having a little fun, told them to try the other side of the boat. In normal circumstances, this would have done nothing. This time however, there just happened to be a school of fish swimming by. Had the fishermen kept their nets on the original side, they would have caught them anyway. Of course, the whole thing got a little out of hand, and the fishermen became some of JC’s first disciples. Gotta love people who follow you after you mock them.

JC did walk on water. He could have calmed the storm first, but he figured he would try to spook the guys on the boat. It worked. He told them to calm down. When they realized it was him, Peter asked him how he could do that. JC, again having a little fun, told him anyone could do it. So Peter stepped off the boat and, thanks to JC loaning him some of his power, began to walk towards JC. JC took the power away. Peter sank. JC knew he would be able to save Peter so he took his time. A lot of people know that the shortest verse in the bible is “Jesus wept.” If it wasn’t left out, there would be a close second at this point in the story, “Jesus laughed.” I have to admit, I did, too. Of course, JC saved Peter and calmed the storm. Peter was a little peeved at JC for a little bit.

Like I said before, JC is a good person, so all of the healing miracles happened mostly that way. Not necessarily as holy as the bible would make it seem, but still.

see you next week. Hopefully.


~ by lukebringer on March 21, 2012.

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