The Heavenly Betrayer

Next week is my brother’s birthday. His real one. So this week I’ll talk about the guy that got him killed. Judas betrayed my stepbrother which got him crucified. Now I do find betrayal to be a horrible sin, and I try to find fun and interesting ways to punish them when they get down here in Hell. So what did I do to Judas.

Let’s review. JC was supposed to die on the cross to “save everyone from hell and forgive them of their sins (in case you haven’t been following, it was purely a symbolic gesture. In actuality, nothing needed to be done. This is why JC hates Dad as much as I do.)” So basically, Judas was doing my father’s bidding. So he got a pass. He’s in Heaven now. I can’t touch him.

A lesson to be learned here is that it kind of doesn’t matter what the “rules” say. We gods tend to do whatever the hell we want, really. So have fun trying to figure us out enough.

By the way, the sin of betrayal is only a sin if you betray those who trust you for purely personal reasons. This is one of the many tricky sins.

Next week will be about some of the other miracles performed by my stepbrother before he became a god. What are some of the ones you are curious about? A heads up, any of the healing ones was just plain altruism on JC’s part so no story there.

See you then.


~ by lukebringer on March 12, 2012.

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