The Religion of No God

As a god, it seems weird when I say I’m an atheist, but I don’t worship any gods, nor do I believe in any gods better than me, nor do I believe anything that I don’t already know except for my predictions. And as I mentioned two weeks ago, I don’t like religion.

But what is religion? You could keep it simple and say it is a philosophy that directly makes a statement about the existence of a divine deity of sorts. You could look up any one of the many lists of points that a philosophy must have a certain number of in order to be considered a religion. But those methods tend to leave out the human aspect of religion.

Most of the complaints about religion stem from how humans act with regards to their religion. They go to war or make laws based on their religion, a lot of times just to prove they’re religious. People do do bad things because their god or gods or whatever tell them (we don’t, by the way). More often than not, however, they do it in the name of the religion itself.

This leads me to the religion of no god, atheism. Many would say this is not a religion. This is wrong. If you want to look at the two methods at figuring a religion from above, there’s this: atheism is a philosophy that makes a statement about the existence of a divine deity, mainly that they don’t exist. And comparing it to all the different lists, atheism tends to be about where Buddhism is. This leads some to say Buddhism isn’t a religion, and except for the sects that merged with Hinduism, it isn’t.

But it’s the human aspect that I wanted to look at. More and more, nowadays and mostly on the internet for now, atheists have been getting more and more outspoken against other religions and unfortunately, other religious folks. I know of plenty of atheists out there that would laugh at a Christian who is in trouble instead of doing that weird concept called helping them. Obviously, if they were in real danger, they would step in, but minor problems such as lost things, or even minor depression, get ignored because they’re religious.

That kind of thought isn’t forward thinking, which a lot of atheists believe they are doing by declaring their view of no god. That kind of thought puts religious people as less than human. That is very wrong and very stupid and shows a complete lack of intelligence that atheists tend to think they have.

People do do bad things in the name of atheism. They can to be dogmatic about it. There is a subtle difference between saying, “I don’t believe in god,” and, “There is no god.” I sometimes change the latter phrase to “I believe in no god.” Despite their similarities, it tends to be people who say the first don’t really care about other people’s religion, as long as they don’t be dicks about it. Those who say the latter tend to be dicks about it. I prefer the first one.

Atheism is a religion, and I don’t like religion. Except maybe Pastafarianism.

See you next week.


~ by lukebringer on February 27, 2012.

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