The Seven Deadlies, and the (Supposedly) Not So Deadlies

Gluttony: Sure, you eat too much, you get fat. But you eat too little, you get too thin. And the early humans kind of needed to fatten up for winters. More appropriately, too much of anything is bad. But have you seen true ascetics.

Lust: With all the diseases out there, the more you have sex, the more likely you’ll catch something. Be smart and realize that someone every night is not necessary, and you’ll be fine. Also, without having sex, couldn’t really have grown as a species, could you?

Pride: Pride comes before the fall. It’s true. No pride, however, gets you nowhere.

Sloth: Doing nothing gets nothing done. Doing too much can kill you.

(I’m done with the not-so-fancy catchphrases)

Envy: Okay, wanting to have other people’s status so much that you would do anything for it is bad. But if nobody wanted that status, no one would get to that status, and the world’s best economies are run by people in that status.

Greed: No real need to say why greed is bad. But those economies that I mentioned in envy, on the other side of the consumer is greed.

Wrath: Not being able to control this can cause problems. There are times when you do need to use it and not doing so can cause problems.

The astute reader may notice that a pattern here. When the sin is done in excess, then it is a sin. If it’s done in moderation, it’s not. This works for the virtues as well.

Temperance: Avoiding keeping (or eating) too much can leave you without what you need. The exact opposite of hoarders (yes, hoarders are gluttons).

Chastity: Complete abstinence from sex will leave you out of the greatest joy you could potentially feel. And I’m not talking about the children resulting from said sex.

Humility: Have you ever done something you didn’t take pride in? It sucks. Either the something itself sucks because you didn’t have enough pride to put the proper work into it, or someone else took credit in your place.

Diligence: Ever heard the phrase “working themselves to death”? It happens. Also, those people are annoying.

Kindness: Not worrying about other people’s status is all well and good, but not caring enough for your own can leave you in the gutter. (PS Kindness is a bad word for the opposite of envy, contentedness is better, but still not great.)

Charity: Speaking of leaving you in the gutter. If you give away your money, or equivalent, all willy nilly to charity…

Patience: You see the imbalance of wrath/patience a lot when raising kids. Some parents use too much wrath and beat their kids, and I don’t mean the occasional spanking. Those kids turn out just as messed up or too frightened to do anything. Then there are the parents that never really punish their kids. Like, ever. Those are the kids that grow up thinking they can do whatever they want, and I don’t mean career-wise.

There is no such thing as a straight up sin. There is a certain line for every action that has to be crossed before it becomes a sin. That line is when the consequences of that action are dangerous. You cross that line on purpose. Some are easy to cross, such as when killing someone becomes murder. Others are hard to cross. When does posting something online become a sin? Considering how many people that do every second, it’s hard to imagine that there is a line. If you recall, however, a while back, it was enough to push a girl to suicide. That was sin.


~ by lukebringer on January 30, 2012.

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