Lilith, Mother of Gods

Incest didn’t start with Adam and Eve’s kids. It started with Adam and Eve. Think of it. One of Adam’s ribs was used to create Eve. They had similar DNA. They were related.

The reason I brought that up was to show how weird that was. Especially, since Eve was attempt number three for a companion for Adam. Before her was a girl named Sarah. She was too submissive for him. Adam needed someone more like him. Eve was like him but different. I liked her, but I prefer the first one, Lilith, mother of the gods. Well, not really our mother, but I just based her on Mom.

Mother wasn’t the greatest of beings. She felt differently. She was where I got my pride from, but I am the humblest of the humble if you compare me to her. While I represent pride in general, she was the embodiment of the sin of pride. And lust. And greed. And the other seven deadlies. (As much as it pains me to say this, sort of, “virtues” come from my father, although that doesn’t make them less of a sin. I’ll explain more next week.) The thing is, Mother was nasty at most times. And it’s understandable that people would get confused about why I chose Mom to be the first human female. There were two reasons, and I’ll get to those later.

Mom was the opposite of Dad. They both had their vices and virtue, Dad is more prideful than I am, after all, they attempted to be representations of either vice or virtue. Mom was vice, and Dad was virtue. This is probably the biggest reason that Dad is looked on as pure, because when compared to Mom, he was.

The reasons I went with Mom as a design for Lilith the human were this: Adam was indeed based on Dad, so, of course, Lilith was based on Mom. The other reason is because Adam would have been very humble, and was very humble, about being human. I wanted them to be prideful. So I created Lilith to feel that pride and hopefully pass it along to Adam. They tended to disagree. A lot. So we tried again with Sarah and then Eve. You all know what happened with Eve, and Sarah just withered away. Lilith definitely tried making a name for herself. It worked better with the gods.

Lilith was, as it turned out, very kind. When you first meet her, she comes off as brash, but she does have a genuine good side that she prefers to be known as. She’s especially kind to the gods, and not in an annoying worship way, either. She treats us, well, motherly. Most of us, including Satan, look up to her as a kind of step-mother, the good kind, not the evil kind from fairy tales. She never actually has been with Dad. It’s like when a parent gets remarried and divorced again, but the children like the new parent better. Lilith is the new parent.

For those who are astute enough, you may have noticed that I refer to Mom in the past tense, and Lilith in the present, even though she should have died millennia ago. After Mom died, she ascended, thanks to her kindness to us. As far as Mom dying, well, she was the embodiment of Lust. And Dad is a jealous god…

See you next week.


~ by lukebringer on January 23, 2012.

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