Four Horsies

When originally created, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were to herald the end times. I stumped that plan a long time ago. Now they just hang about, doing stuff. Mostly, they work for me now. Since they can affect the world in ways that I can’t, I have them do the odd job now and then on Earth, depending on what they do. Unfortunately, they can get carried away. A lot. They’re really hard to control. Except for…

White Horse/Conquest: The tamest of the lot, he is how I spread culture. Say what you will about conquering nations, but when someone goes on an imperial conquest, knowledge gets passed around. And as the God of Knowledge, that’s a good thing. Because he listens to me, I like him.

Red Horse/War: I try to keep him on a leash, but he is difficult. When he does listen to me, he works with Conquest. It’s really hard to conquer without war. When there is no conquering, or it’s on a light day, he does his own thing.

Black Horse/Famine: He doesn’t like Conquest. He can generally be found in where WH isn’t. He’s easy to control for that reason. Unfortunately, in those regions, he isn’t so easy to control. Unfortunately, I can’t just get rid of him. Only two people can kill off a Horsemen; their creator, Satan, who has been trying to find another way to use them in his master plan to destroy the world, and…

Pale Green Horse/Death: He doesn’t kill family. I kinda like him. Mostly because he’s intelligent. But really that’s it. His smarts also make him really independent. I tried to make him do menial jobs to keep him from killing as much as possible. He figured it out, and now, he hates me. You can tell when we have a fight. Disaster strikes. Literally. He knows how much I love humans, so he kills a bunch of them. So, sorry about that. If he really wanted to, he could bring the apocalypse by just simply killing everyone. Luckily, he knows he would be out of the job, so he won’t do it.

Pestilence: Doesn’t exist. When John got the visions, he got it right. So if you read Revelation, the four that I mentioned are the four that you would read about.

That’s all for this week. If you have a topic you would like me to write about, either let me know on Twitter (lukebringer1) or Facebook, or email me at Or just leave it the comments. I really don’t care.

See you next week.


~ by lukebringer on January 16, 2012.

3 Responses to “Four Horsies”

  1. How’s Antichrist, your son ? Your mom? What’s your favourite food? Just thinking aloud.

    • To be clear, I have no son. That isn’t a I’m-so-ashamed-of-him-that-I-disowned-him thing, its just simply I don’t have any children. He is a creation of my brother, Satan. And just as big a dick. I will probably write more on him later, but I was already thinking of doing a post about my mother, Lilith. Glad to know my predictions are still good.

  2. Oh, Lilith is your mother? Ok, I’m looking forward to that post.

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