Purgatory does exist. Probably not in the way most people think of it, but it is there. It is a realm between Heaven and Hell. More importantly, it is the realm between life and Heaven and Hell.

When you die, you’ll meet Azrael, Angel of Death and general nice guy. He makes sure that you are calm enough to make a decision about where you want to go. Most people already have an answer, but he makes sure you have all the information. Some people don’t get the choice of where to go and Oz makes sure you know why if you are one of those. There isn’t much to do in Purgatory, mostly because no one stays there. It is simply a travelling realm between the realm of Earth and the afterlife. There isn’t much else to say on it.

Just when you die, don’t get mad at Oz. He didn’t kill you, he’s just trying to take you to you’re afterlife.

See you next week.


~ by lukebringer on January 9, 2012.

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  1. Oz…XD

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