JC’s Fake Birthday

Sorry for the extreme lateness. Boxing Day and all that business.

As one would expect, I have my fair share of problems with Christmas. Ironically, they’re the exact problems JC has with it.

The biggest problem we have is its date. As I mentioned last week, his real birthday is March 19. The problem I have with going with Dec. 25 is that nobody knows the real date, and, being the God of Knowledge, I think people knowing things is a good thing. As far as JC is concerned, how would you feel if no one remembered your birthday?

Another problem we have with Christmas is the religious aspect. Being gods, we don’t have religion. Many of us, JC and myself included, don’t like worship. To us, the best way to honor us is to live your life your way. But that’s off topic. We (JC and I) think that adding religion to Christmas is a downer. I think it takes away from the festiveness by trying to make it about a belief that many don’t have. JC thinks organized religion in general sucks the energy out of whatever room it’s in.

What I’m not trying to say is we hate Christmas. We love it. It makes people happy. We don’t care that it is commercialized because people love it. They give more to charity, which is always a plus. We don’t see any reason to say Christmas is bad. We think it should stay when it is and mostly unchanged. The religious thing should change, but that’s it.

So Merry Christmas. Next week: Good vs. Evil.


~ by lukebringer on December 26, 2011.

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