My Stepbrother, JC – Not Johnny Cash

Since his “birthday” is Sunday, I guess I will talk about my stepbrother. I alluded to him a few weeks ago, saying that he had become a god but wasn’t born one. He still was born of a virgin, and performed miracles. I’ll briefly talk about those later.

But first, his childhood. Kind of a big mystery for most. The Bible has his birth, an incident when he was twelve, and then nothing until he was thirty. The reason? He was told who he was at an early age. He tried to live up to that standard from the start. He was terrible at it. He was a typical teenager. He wanted to rebel from that life dozens of times. When he was on the right track he didn’t really have anything to go off of. He did keep trying at it, though and eventually found his way. He likes to joke that it was because he realized it was spend the rest of his life preaching something that could get him killed or be a carpenter. I mentioned he was funny (OK, so he’s no Lenny Bruce or George Carlin, and a trickster god like myself should have a more refined taste for comedy than the cheesy stuff JC comes up with, but, dammit, I’m a sucker for that stuff). That incident when he was twelve, he was telling jokes, and for that time, comedy gold.

We were both a little shocked when they put the Marriage at Cana thing in Bible. I mean it was clearly an abuse of power. He had been able to use his godly abilities for some time, and at the time of the wedding it was pretty much second nature. So, there they were at the wedding, JC was a little off his ass, when his mother (who will get her own post eventually) tried to convince him to leave by telling him that they ran out of wine. Well, he wasn’t ready to leave, so he remedied the situation. He’s actually a little embarrassed by that. I keep telling him he doesn’t need to be. The people that should be embarrassed are the people that call that a miracle.

Then there was the fish and bread incidents. These were more sober events, but Party JC had his influence. Both times, all those people came to listen to him, so when they started to get hungry, instead of taking a break, he did his thing and fed them with what little he had. Just to keep the “party” going.

Don’t get me wrong. Not every miracle he did was some excuse to party. The healing miracles were genuine altruism on his part. Actually, they were the first time that he really started to question Dad. Before, he would just ask the “why me” question. But with the blind and the lame, he started to go to the “how could he allow this to happen” route of question God. When he was crucified and came to Hell for its keys, that was where we first met. There were, of course, no keys. It was purely a symbolic gesture. He was kind of pissed about that. We spent the next three days just talking. That was when we became friends. It was my idea to get him his godhood, as a reward for his sacrifice and to make up for him being used.

We both have similar views on Christmas, which will be the topic of next week.

And in case you’re wondering, his real birthday is not Sunday, its March 19. I plan on talking more about his miracles then. If you have any in mind that you would like me to discuss, you have a whole three months to tell me.

And finally, I know have a Twitter (lukebringer1) and Facebook account.


~ by lukebringer on December 19, 2011.

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