Knowledge is Power

Sorry for the late post. Got caught up in some business.

Being the God of Knowledge means I know everything. I know the meaning of life, if there is life on other planets, whether there is someone for everyone, what you did last summer, etc. I don’t know the future. No one can really know, but more on that later.

There are four levels of knowledge. The first is simple facts. This is a lot of what I’m telling you in this blog. It can be easily looked up online. There isn’t anything wrong with simply being told this without doing too much to find out for yourself.

The second is true knowledge. This is the kind of knowledge that has to be researched for yourself. Facts may lead to an interest, but the research still has to be done. This is a problem in human society today. Many people take what should be true knowledge for fact. Homeopathy, for example. Many people take the idea that it is helpful for fact, but a little research will show that it is the same medicine that they are avoiding, just diluted to the point where there is nothing left of the original substance. There is nothing helpful in homeopathic medicine. The reasoning behind why it should work is bullshit, but I don’t feel like going into that right now.

The third is full knowledge. This involves a level of divinity. There are things that humans are incapable of knowing. This is where the power of knowledge becomes physical. True names (see Nov. 21’s post) are on the lighter side of that kind of knowledge. In that instance, humans can know it, but it puts a strain on them. Most of the the third level of knowledge would kill humans. Clearly, I can’t give you an example beyond the name thing.

The fourth level is the future. There is still chaos out there that can make the significance of a small event huge. It is like with nuclear explosions. A tiny, insignificant atom is split and causes a chain reaction that leads to a massive amount of destruction. That is just a simple description of how life and the universe works. Humans can somewhat control the nuclear explosion, but there is no control in the universe. Dad learned a long time ago that he wasn’t able to actually control his creations. He is satisfied with the illusion of control. There are so many variables that can be represented by the atom splitting that it makes it impossible to know, for certain, the future. Knowing everything else, however, means I know what those variables are, and I can make a decent prediction.

Understanding is different from knowing. You can’t understand what you don’t know, and you don’t necessarily understand what you do know. However, if you do know it, you can understand it. So if you know my father did something, but you don’t understand what he did, don’t listen to anybody who tells you that humans were not meant to understand. You were. That was a big part of my design. Not allowing someone to understand what they know is just as bad as not allowing them to know something (as long as it’s possible to know it).

Next week, I’ll talk about my best friend, JC.


~ by lukebringer on December 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Knowledge is Power”

  1. JC? There is only one man with those initials worth talking about. Yes, that’s right: Johnny Cash! So I hope you were referring to him. ^^

    • Apparently, I made the mistake of using a personal nickname, but if you remember the post on Nov. 7, my “half-brother” actually likes being called JC. Interesting side note: while everyone eventually meets Jesus, if you want to meet Johhny, don’t go to Heaven. Wouldn’t that make a nice billboard?

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