Hell’s Creations

In the first post, when I introduced myself, I mentioned that devils are the first attempts by Dad at creating humans. They are different from demons. Demons are the creations of the princes of Hell. Some of them can be quite monstrous.

Each prince, with the exception of me, has at least one race of demons. Some have more than one. Like Satan, who has been building an army.

If you want to know how to spot the difference between a demon and a devil, keep reading, but I’ll warn you, you probably won’t see either until you’re dead.

The simple explanation is that demons look like monsters and devils look more human. Elves, fairies, dwarves, imps, gnomes, giants, and other fairy tale humanoids are all based on the various devils. Things like trolls, dragons, gremlins, the various sea monsters, and other semi-fictional creatures are based on the real things, demons. Chupacabras are a nasty little experiment that was created recently. They might have escaped Hell a while back, we got most of them, but their tricky beasts. The only humanoid demons are Asmodeus’ incubi and succubi.

Despite being from Hell, not all demons are bad. Several sea creatures try to help sailors, and depending on the creator, some dragons are helpful, though most are neutral. Nothing from Satan is good, although that can be taken as a general statement. If they do help, or even if they hurt, you wouldn’t know it. They are really good at not being seen.

And about that army that Satan is building…

See you next week


~ by lukebringer on November 28, 2011.

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