Princes of Hell

Here are my thoughts on the princes of Hell.

Leviathan – The only prince of Hell that I kinda felt sorry for when I had the choice of what to do with the rebels. Levi has a weakness that she is aware of, but Satan managed to use it against her and got her to fight on his side. He got her to want her own realm badly enough, and since she’s the princess of Envy, well, she fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I gave her the second level of Hell.

Beelzebub – Baal: Prince of Gluttony and the worst of all fat asses. Seriously, he wanted his realm to be about food. He risked a giant war in Heaven so he could eat for eternity. Do I need to go into any more detail about why I dislike him? He has the third lowest level of Hell.

Mammon – He wanted his own realm in a way that Levi did except that he was already on his way to getting most anything that can be considered material in Heaven. Manny didn’t need his own realm. Satan didn’t need to pull his arm. He fought in a war in order to get something else. He didn’t care what the consequences were. He does now. He has the second lowest level of Hell.

Asmodeus – You would think that the princess of Lust and prince of Pride would get together more often, but the truth is we never talk to each other. Satan convinced Ash that being the queen of her own realm would lead to some amazing and torrid affairs. Something our dad could have allowed more of. Oddly, she doesn’t really represent her sin that much. By that I mean she just barely succumbs to its temptation often enough to consider it sinful. After that, she pretty much stays off the radar. I gave her the third level of Hell.

Belphagor – In a way, I don’t know why he decided to fight. Obviously, being the God of Knowledge, I do know. B., being the prince of Sloth, figured that if he was in charge of his own realm he wouldn’t have to do as much work as he would in Heaven. This makes him not only lazy, but a fucking moron. But fighting a war would be hard work, especially with who he was fighting against. It would have been easier to stat on the side of Heaven, but clearly he was too lazy to think. Other than being lazy and an idiot, he also stays off the radar, like Ash, so I don’t really think about him much. He has the middle level of Hell.

And if you’re wondering about any of these names being our real names, they’re not. More on names next week. See you then.


~ by lukebringer on November 14, 2011.

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