My Brother, the Devil

If you haven’t figured out by now, I feel no love for my brother. And if you haven’t figured out by now, really? I mentioned it several times before, must be your first time.

If this is your first time, read the other posts to catch up, but in short, I’m Lucifer; my brother is Satan. He’s the evil one.

To start out, there were three big brothers that looked after the others: me, Michael, and Gabriel. We had a second tier of gods under us. Not directly under us. It wasn’t like Uriel worked directly for Michael, or Raphael worked for Gabriel. But there were more of them. They were Uriel, Raphael, Satan, and Beelzebub, or Baal for short. Under them, were the rest of the big brothers: Saraquel, Mammon, Ramiel, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Belphegor, and Raguel.

The list of who I liked and who I didn’t is this:

Like: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Ramiel, Leviathan, Raguel

Dislike: Satan, Uriel, Baal, Saraquel, Mammon

Asmodeus and Belphegor I could give or take. A more detailed account of why I like or dislike who I like or dislike will come in two weeks (next week is Halloween, seems like I should talk about that). And I would like to make a shout out to someone who would hate me for not doing so, my favorite up-and-comer, Azrael, the angel of death. He tries so hard to comfort the dying, but everyone fears him. He also is one of the few of us that doesn’t mind being called an angel. So innocent and yet so feared. Go figure.

Anyway, back to Satan. He wasn’t a nice guy when we were still a part of Heaven, before Hell was created. He seemed to be angry about everything all the time. When I got my realm, that just made him even madder. Somehow, his mad rantings convinced a bunch of the other gods to follow him in a small rebellion against our father. They tried to take on Dad directly. Even I’m not that prideful.

Side note, each prince of Hell is also a prince of one of the deadly sins. It partly worked out that way. There is reason behind it, but it’s too complicated to put in a blog, and I’ve already been off topic enough. Any, we’re only princes of the deadly sins. So if Satan is the prince of Wrath, who do you think is king? That’s right. Dad. And he was angry.

Well, in Heaven, the fight was quick. They didn’t stand a chance. My father is powerful. I only try to get on his nerves, and I know his limits so I can avoid most of his punishments, although sending the rebels to my realm, I believe, was a way of getting back at me. As much as it pains me to say it, point him.

Like I said, as a form of punishment, the rebels were sent to me. I described the result last week, with the leaders getting their own realm. What I didn’t go into was the fight between Satan and me. However bad you imagine the war was like in Heaven was, a) it wasn’t nearly that bad, and b) it was much worse in Hell. I’m only glad it was finished and cleaned up before the first man arrived. Yes, for all you feminists out there, a man was the first to enter Hell.

Since then we have hardly said a word to each other. He is in the deepest level of Hell, and is the only one besides me who enjoys their realm. I didn’t expect that, although I should have. He gets to take out his wrath on the worst mankind can offer. He couldn’t be having more fun with the three guys I mentioned last week.

Which is a little odd, given their history. Satan is, after all, the God of Aggression. You’d think he would try and make them heroes or something.

Well, I think the last thing I’ll mention is the upcoming war everyone keeps talking about. Since I plan on giving it its own entry, I won’t go into too much detail here. This is something that I get preemptively blamed for all the time, but it’s another thing that is actually Satan. We all know the rumors that he isn’t finished trying to fight Dad. I will say it’s more going to be a fight between me and him, although Michael, Gabriel, and Jesus will also be fighting. Dad plans on waiting this one out. Otherwise it would be too easy, and where’s the fun in that.

If you want a more detailed reason of why I hate my brother, there isn’t one. Nobody likes him. Nobody that remained in Heaven liked him before the rebellion, and anyone who could tolerate before and got sent to Hell hates him now because they’re in charge of a shitty realm because of him. So I hate him because there is nothing to like about him. Oh, and there is the thing about him being the reason people kill each other, being the God of Aggression and all.

Anyway, like I said, next week, I will talk about Halloween a bit.

See you later.


~ by lukebringer on October 24, 2011.

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