I Am Lucifer, NOT Satan

I am not an angel. Please don’t call me that. I really hate it. I prefer the term god. I’m not going to go around trying to correct everyone on that, but you’re reading this because you want to get to know me, and one thing you have to know is I don’t like to be called an angel. Compared to Greek reality, my father was a titan, and I was born, for lack of a better term, a lesser being, so that makes me a god.

I also don’t like being the Devil. Devils are my father’s first attempts at making humans. They didn’t come out right. Dad is not a scientist. After getting help, and taking all the credit, he praised them as his favorite creation. This made the devils angry. Because of their rage against him, he cast them out of the world. They found their way back in. I might have helped with that.

And whatever you do, DO NOT call me Satan. He is another prince of Hell and a dick.

I should clarify when I said Greek reality instead of mythology from the first paragraph. In fact the majority of religions, both old and new, are real, but they exist in their own realities. Deities from one reality can interact with the deities of another reality, but it’s very limited. We can’t touch other higher beings and, most importantly, their machinations.

Now, about that “help” that Dad got to make humans. That was me. It took my father forever to realize he needed the god of knowledge, the guy who knew how to create humans, to help. I came up with the original design of human. I just don’t have the power to actually create other beings, not on this realm anyway, so Dad had to do it. I still look at humans as my creation, and they are under my protection.

If you’re wondering why I am writing a blog, it’s really simple. Someone is going to write a book about my, shall we say, wacky adventures. I do like to think of myself as a trickster god. In the process of answering his questions, I got the idea to put all this information on the internet. So that’s what’s happening in the future. I will try to update regularly, but no guarantees. I am a god and very busy. The blogs will have more details of what I have done in the early ages of the world or why I’ve done certain things.

See you later.


~ by lukebringer on October 3, 2011.

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